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A Place to Hang Out

2015-07-27 by Freemor

This Is more of an announcement then a blog entry. So please excuse it's brevity

I have recently been looking for a place online to hang my hat and chill out. Not so much in a social media sense but more in a realtime chat sense. I checked many of the usual possibilities IRC, etc. but just wasn't having much luck finding what I was looking for so I have decided to try a bit of an experiment in creating one.

So if you are an older (45+ yo) Techie like myself feel free to fire up your favourite XMPP/Jabber client and swing by the new Multi User Chat at:

We are just getting started so the crowd is currently fairly sparse, but with luck the community will grow as word gets around.


Apparently some people were having troubles connecting. I have dropped the S2S encryption requirements a bit and this should help with most of the connection issues.. If you had troubles in the past please try again.