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2015-12-21 by Freemor

I am oh so tired of the stupidity going on in the US. So, I am going to explain encryption for all the politicians and people buying the fear mongering about encryption like you all were 5 years old.

Encryption and especially end-to-end encryption is THE ONLY way to have a private conversation in a digital world. When I say THE ONLY I mean exactly that. There is NO other way.

K, everyone got that, No encryption equals NO private conversations EVER.

Now, the very, very, VERY important thing that many people are blanking on is that...

No private conversations equals NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. You can not have freedom of speech without privacy. Period. End of story.

So the next time someone talks about getting rid of or backdooring or breaking encryption The correct response is "Stop trying to take away my right to free speech"

The Year Winds Down

2015-12-20 by Freemor

It's been a while since I've Blogged. Life is like that when blogging is a hobby not an occupation. I've been spending my time on some things that I find interesting.

Twister Has captured my attention lately and I'm finding that it has come a long way since the first time I looked at it. It is becoming quite a nice social media platform and I'm now running a node 24/7 on one of my RPi's.

I've also launched the OpenCPAP Project and That will probably be a big focus for me in the new year.

Of course there has been some downtime to playing and getting all nostalgic on Crossfire. If you are an old time tile based RPG'er or just like that aesthetic I'd strongly suggest giving it a look.

For a while I was working on Getting Yacy running on one of my RPi's but there was some issue with the JRE that Raspbian packages. Perhaps I'll put Arch Linux on one of them and try again.

It is likely that this is my last blog entry for 2015. If so Happy Holidays to all and I'll see you in the new year.