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This Open CPAP Project is Ending

2017-10-24 by Freemor

Sadly the this Open CPAP project is no longer active. Due to the reasons below. I will leave the scant pages that there are up for historic reasons and to have this message present.

During our research phase it became clear that there would be several large issues. These for us turned out to be show stoppers.

Our research showed that finding a safe and appropriate blower is not easy. The blower problem should not be underestimated. It must be pressure accurate, quiet, not introduce carbon or ozone from the brushes into the air stream and extremely reliable. Such blowers do exist but they are not cheap.

The other issue that became apparent is that the greatest challenge with a CPAP/APAP/BiPAP is one on Compliance. The machine is of no use if people do not use it. Modern CPAP machines have many features that are directly related to ensuring comfort and compliance. Our project would be years in catching up to that point.

At the end of the day we decided it was best to take a "Do no harm" approach and shelve the project. Our concern was that despite our best intentions people would take the information we published and decided things like "I can use a much cheaper blower" ignoring the carbon and ozone problem and thus damaging their health. Or even just spend a lot of time and energy building a unit that they then failed to use consistently due to noise, discomfort, or lack of advanced features.

We still believe that the machines are more expensive then they should be but there is a good second hand market on almost unused machines (because even with the advanced features compliance continues to be an issue). And there are also some programs to help people afford the machines.