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Where I Stand...

2016-07-15 by Freemor

I will not be moved to hatred by media and politicians seeking to use tragedy to gain power.
   Instead I will hold fast to my love of my fellow human beings and my knowledge that the vast majority are peaceful.

I wil not be goaded to anger by those hoping to exploit the unclear thinking that lives there.
   Instead I will hold and extend compassion to my fellow human beings,
   Compassion for the victims, but also, and much more challenging,
  Compassion for the pain, and hopelessness that the perpetrator must have been in to commit such an act.

I will not be made to fear, by hanious acts, or those that seek to exploit peoples reactions to such acts.
   Because I know the world is mostly safe,
   Because I know that all sane people wish peace and stability,
   Because I know that the sane far far outnumber the troubled.

And because I know that love and compassion are far more potent salves for human problems then anger and fear.