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Hello SEO Spammers

2022-10-05 by Freemor

I’m writing this mostly tongue in cheek, post to make it plain to any SEO spammer that actually reads my site that I am one hundred percent, completely, truly uninterested in any services you may be offering.

And since I have written this post and it will be the top post on the front page of my site for a while I’ll assume any e-mail I get about help building a better site or with SEO optimization or whatever is total crap because you obviously didn’t even read the top post on the first page. And will promptly delete your e-mail and block your spam (Which I already do because: see above).

Just a note to people flogging their services in this way. Sending UCE makes you look completely unprofessional and very sketchy. Not a good look. Not a good way to build a customer base.

Mostly tho I just wanted a new top post.. it’s been a long time.