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2015-12-21 by Freemor

I am oh so tired of the stupidity going on in the US. So, I am going to explain encryption for all the politicians and people buying the fear mongering about encryption like you all were 5 years old.

Encryption and especially end-to-end encryption is THE ONLY way to have a private conversation in a digital world. When I say THE ONLY I mean exactly that. There is NO other way.

K, everyone got that, No encryption equals NO private conversations EVER.

Now, the very, very, VERY important thing that many people are blanking on is that...

No private conversations equals NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. You can not have freedom of speech without privacy. Period. End of story.

So the next time someone talks about getting rid of or backdooring or breaking encryption The correct response is "Stop trying to take away my right to free speech"